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About This Website

TudorsandStuarts.com is a reference website dedicated to the history of Britain from the late fifteenth century until the eighteenth. It is a sister site of Elizabethi.org, a website dedicated to the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603).

The aim of this website is to provide interesting and factually accurate information on the Tudor and Stuart period. It contains biographies, overviews of major events, links to sites of interest, quizzes, and a shop. Hopefully it helps to answer all those questions I get about who came before Queen Elizabeth and what happened after her death!

TudorsandStuarts.com is owned and managed by myself, Heather Sharnette. I have an honours degree in History from The University Of Wales, Bangor, and an M.Phil in Tudor history, obtained after several years of postgraduate research.

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